Your bank will not offer you consolidated loans

The most significant thing about being registered in the RKI is that you do not have the opportunity to borrow a consolidated loan from your bank. In order for the business to make sense to them, they must be sure that they get the money to look again. If you are registered as a bad payer, no decent banker will offer you credit. If you are in a shortage of money, your local bank will not be able to rescue you with a consolidated loan.

There are some credit institutions that will offer you consolidated loans despite RKI with high interest rates, fees and mortgages on assets. You have to avoid these for everything in the world. First and foremost, the bills accumulate due to additional debt, and ultimately it is a step in the wrong direction. Next, you will be greeted by a wall of fees because, like the major banks, they will also be sure that they will get their money back.

RKI-listed cannot pay over time

If you are a bad payer in RKI, you also do not have the option of installment schemes, since virtually all Danish companies use the RKI registered and respect it. This means that no companies will offer you credit. In other words, it means that you cannot buy glasses on installments, lease cars or be allowed to write new mobile subscriptions. All major purchases where the payment is made in advance, you cannot complete because you are in the RKI database. As you know, you cannot borrow for these purchases either.

However, you can still make one-off payments where the recipient receives payment immediately. The company just wants to make sure they get their money. If they receive the whole sum at the time of purchase, there is no problem. It is also why, of course, you can still buy in supermarkets, pay bus tickets and go to the cinema – if you are RKI-registered, it may not be recommended to spend the money on cinema tours.

Simple to get out of RKI

It’s easy to get out of the RKI. You have to pay your debts. There are no other ways around. Try to ask yourself: Where are my unnecessary expenses? What is absolutely necessary for me and what can I live without? Restaurant visits, cinema tours and the Friday snack are luxuriousities that can be lived without – and by dropping these you also get a healthier lifestyle. It is important not just to postpone the debt for next month, because the longer you hold the debt, the longer it takes to get out of it. Keep in mind that it doesn’t just affect you. It also affects those you care about.

As soon as you pay your debt at that company, they will remove your name from the RKI register and you will be free to borrow again. However, once you have been in debt, you tend to do it again, but you should avoid it for everything in the world. Debt leads only to loss, and it affects you and your family in the meantime. It is not just the purse that is punished. It’s all one’s everyday life because you go to work to pay off one’s debts – not to create profits for fun and play.

If you want help with savings or debt settlement, then we recommend checking our budget form .

consolidated loans only if strictly necessary

If you are a bad payer with outstanding debt, the world must be falling short before it pays to borrow money from smaller credit unions. The fees and interest rates will be towering, and there must therefore be an extremely good reason for borrowing. For new car, travel or gold watches, you should not borrow the money for anything in the world. In the short run it can be tempting, but in the long run you will only lose it.

If you are dealing with consolidated loan problems, you can, however, choose to see an RKI registration as a way to get out of the problem. RKI blocks your options for consolidated loans, and it can therefore be seen as an investment in yourself. You learn to live without the extra money that is not really yours and you show that you can take care of yourself. Thus, it is a preventive, albeit slightly unconventional, means of preventing the debt from accumulating.