It is always a great idea to put a budget if you want to borrow money . The budget can be useful no matter how much money you want to borrow. If you also want to avoid getting into a difficult situation financially, then of course you must have complete control of your finances. In this guide you can read about how to put a budget – and why it’s worth all the time.

Creating a budget is not a legal requirement, but it can save you both time and effort in the future.

Therefore, you need to set a budget

It is not appropriate to borrow a consolidated loan if you do not have control over your finances. Do you have red numbers in your bank account and have you lost track of your income and expenses? In that case, it is a clear sign that you have to budget.

If you do not have an overview of your finances, it can quickly develop into a chaotic situation where you do not really know how much money you have available each month. In everyday life, it is an advantage to have control over your finances. However, the great economic overview is particularly important when it comes to borrowing money. It is solely for your own sake that you have to budget. It is you who are affected by the consequences if the accident is out.

There are several good reasons to set a private budget. If you manage your finances, you will be able to make your everyday life more manageable and at the same time avoid many unnecessary concerns. You can also use a budget to create confidence in your preferred consolidated loan provider.

How to put a clear budget in connection with raising consolidated loans

You do not need to be a trained accountant, accountant or bank assistant to set a budget. It is a task that every Dane can solve, so you can of course also. If you venture into budgeting, then you have to be willing to invest some time while maintaining your patience. Depending on your finances, there may be many items that need to be included in your private budget.

Create an overview of income and expenses

The first thing you need to do is create an overview of your income and expenses. It is crucial that you know all your income and expenses – both fixed and variable.

Are you diligent in saving all your receipts and beans, then it will benefit you when you have to put a budget. Furthermore, you can find all your payment statements from PBS and other postings in your bank account. It may take time, but it is necessary because your expenses naturally have a major impact on your availability.

We recommend that you review your revenue and expense step-by-step so you don’t overlook any important items. If you do not include all your income and expenses in your budget, then your budget will not be true.

Below is an example of what revenue and expenses you can enter into your upcoming private budget:


  • Pay
  • SU
  • Housing benefit


  • Rent
  • Water and heat
  • Insurance
  • Trade union and unemployment fund
  • License
  • Transportation
  • Internet
  • Fitness
  • Electricity and gas

The above are just examples of some of the most common revenue and expense items. It is not necessarily the items that make sense to include in your budget. Do you, for example, have No cost for fitness, so it is not an expense item to be mentioned in your budget.

Divide your budget into overall topics

If you want to make your budget clear, then you can advantageously divide your budget into overall topics. For example, it could Be items that include all expenses in house, home and personal care. If you divide the budget into topics, you do not run the risk of your budget ending up being large and unmanageable with many items.

There are no specific rules for how to divide a budget. Your challenge will thus be to divide your budget in the way that makes the best sense for you.

Fill out a budget form and calculate your available amount

You do not need to invent the deep plate if you have to set a private budget. Today, there are many budget forms that you can download for free and without obligation. You can easily and quickly fill out your budget form once you have an overview of all your revenue and expenses.

If you fill in a budget form with all your income and expenses, you can calculate your available amount. Your availability is the amount you have available when you have paid all your overheads. It is a very important factor, which in part expresses your financial situation. It is also the factor that expresses how much money you can spend on various pleasures every month.

A healthy economy provides better consolidated loan opportunities

A good and healthy economy is an advantage in many different contexts. If your finances are messy and bear in mind that you do not have control over your income and expenses, then it will negatively affect your consolidated loan options. This is because Danish consolidated loan providers use a lot of resources to make sure that you can actually repay the borrowed money.

Your chance of getting your consolidated loan application approved will be significantly greater if you have a sound economy with control over things. In addition, you will find that a healthy economy helps reduce your borrowing costs. It is therefore not without reason that it is recommended that you put a budget when you have to borrow a consolidated loan.