With this we mean of course how to find the cheapest consolidated loan . There is no reason to pay more than most. When you are out to find a consolidated loan, it is a bit implicit that you do not have an abundance of money. Therefore, it is of course interesting to find the cheapest consolidated loan.

First of all, we must have determined how much you would like to borrow. The cheapest consolidated loan available will of course also be where you borrow the least money. It gives itself, because you will get the least possible credit costs. However, we cannot use this for anything, as it is different amounts that one would like to borrow.

Therefore, the first step is to determine how much money you would like to borrow. When we have reached an amount, let us hypothetically say 5000 kroner. Then we can start searching for consolidated loans in the size of 5000 kroner.

Here at Vårlån we have made a search function that makes it easy for you to filter our loan providers. First you enter how much money you would like to borrow. Then enter your age. The reason why you need to enter your age is because it is also a parameter that the loan providers filter.

This means that depending on how old you are, you can find different offers on consolidated loans. Since there are some age groups where there is greater risk. The loan providers therefore discriminate on age to be able to offer the right price to all age groups.

Once you have entered your age and how much you would like to borrow in our search function, our automatic machine will filter our range of loan providers so that you will be presented to those who fit your search criteria. You are now therefore presented with the options you have for loan providers.

We recommend that you apply to several of the loan providers that you have the opportunity to choose from. It is an essential part of our next step to find the cheapest consolidated loan for the loan amount you have chosen.

When you receive offers from the various loan providers, it is actually very simple. Now you have to compare their APR. What is just important to have control is that you have set your loan period to the same on all your application. Since the APR becomes higher the less a loan period you have chosen.

Once you have ensured that all your applications are:

  • Same loan amount
  • Same loan period

Then you can compare the loans you have been offered with their individual APR. And it’s actually just so simple that you choose the loan with the lowest APR. More is not there, you are now secured the cheapest consolidated loan based on your requirements for the loan.

You can therefore accept the loan from the loan provider where there is the lowest APR. After you have done so, you will receive a confirmation. You will now have the money available in your account within a short time. Depending on which loan provider you have chosen. We recommend that you sign your application with NemID to get the fastest and easiest process.

Once you have received the money in your account, you have free access to them. You can therefore use them for whatever you plan to use. You are now well-dressed to find your consolidated loan. If you have any further questions, please contact our online support on this site.